Research and Technology
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Our Services (excerpt)

  • Test plants (mobile and stationary) for process development for purification of industrial waste gas and utilization of renewable resources
  • Process analytics for for recording of gaseous emissions in accordance with 13 and 17 BImSchV (Ordinance to the Federal Emission Control Act)
  • Identification of particulate and gaseous pollutants in waste gas in accordance with  VDI / EN - directives
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of  inorganic material, e.g. bed ash, ash, dust, minerlas and various technical reaction products (Contracting party: Jochen Kühnel XRAC, X-Ray Analytics and Consulting)
  • Application of special methods for the characterisation of solids
    • Specification of physical properties (bulk density, vibration density, abrasion behavior)
    • Processing of residual material (crushing, mixing, agglomerating, pressing)
    • Determination of TC, TOC, TIC, TEC
    • Free lime, lime reactivity test
    • Other methods on requiry
  • Developing problem solutions on the basis of material and energy balance
  • Preparation of  expert opinions on the basis of own investigations and making use of our expertize
  • Consulting and assistancein the fields of troubleshooting, product development, process optimization and fundamental research